Pippin Family History

Text Box: The Pippin Family of Tazewell County Illinois
Their ancestors and their descendants

Descendants of Richard William Pippin, born in Maryland in 1788 who married Elizabeth Hobbs from Delaware on October 15, 1819 in Franklin County, Indiana

This document begins with Richard William Pippin
and is current through 1983. the year it was published.

All of the western Canada descendants of Bert Pippin
are documented in this book up  until 1983

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“The Pippin Family” of Tazewell County Illinois

Richard William Pippin is the 4th generation descendant of John Pippen
who immigrated from England to Maryland in 1718.

Much of the family history beginning with John Pippen, the immigrant
has been documented in a book “John Pippen A New Beginning in Maryland”
By James Robert “Jim” Pippin and Emily Person Pippin

There was a limited number of these books published and I don’t believe there are any available today
I have a copy of this book that you can look at if you’re interested.
Doug Pippin doug.pippin@bellsouth.net


The Pippin Family of Tazewell County, Illinois

Family history from Richard W Pippin to 1983


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Pippen/Pippin Family Reunion held in Tarboro, NC

We are all descendants of John Pippen, the immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1719.


In October 2012 the Canadian cousins invaded a Pippin Reunion in Tennessee

There is a link below to photos of our visit.


John Pippen the Immigrant in Maryland

Family history from John Pippen (the immigrant) in Maryland
to Richard W Pippin in Indiana

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